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A little bit about who we are


Our mission is to keep an open mind to innovative modifications and techniques. We hold strong on the importance of keeping a comfortable environment, while also maintaining a wide variety of artists and styles. We want to be original on every level; our artwork, atmosphere, and attitude. The desires of our customers are constantly evolving, so we want to continue to have a shop that offers a wide variety of products and services.

We believe that every customer's experience should remain unique and personal. We offer services free of judgments, and preconceived notions. The specifics of your modification are not only important, but the basis for our quality of work. We strive to maintain the sensitivity to delve into every customer's desires to create a tattoo or piercing personal to their movement.

We stand for an era of modification. We represent every person who wants to express their individuality, reclaim their body, or beautify themselves.

"Every man is the builder of a temple, called his body, to the god he worships, after a style purely his own, nor can he get off by hammering marble instead. We are all sculptors and painters, and our material is our own flesh and blood and bones. Any nobleness begins at once to refine a man's features, any meanness or sensuality to imbrute them."

Henry David Thoreau, Walden (1862)

Our Standards

  • An inviting, comfortable, family friendly studio
  • The most advanced in sterilization and aseptic procedure
  • A rotating staff of talented, skilled tattoo artists specializing in a wide range of styles
  • Associoation of Professional Piercers membership for our body piercers
  • The highest quality implant grade titanium body jewelry from the best american companiesz


Originally World Famous Tattoos, we opened in June 1981 under the ownership of Carl Hesse. We were Perkasie's first tattoo studio at the time, and the original building was only one room. Carl Hesse was the only artist when we opened, however it swiftly grew and we had nine artists and a rotating group of guest artists. Paul Booth, Brian Everet, Crazy Ace, and the late Sailor Moses all guested here while it was World Famous. At one point the back tattoo room was converted for guest artists to stay in, and included a queen sized bed and a 7 person hot tub for our traveling artists. There was even a Koi pond in the lobby! At that time World Famous was still one floor, although we had expanded to have two main tattoo rooms and two small private spaces. In 1999 Carl needed a new manager, and hired the then-16 year old Julia Grow, fresh out of highschool to work counter, and eventually manage the studio when she came of age. She caught on quickly, and eventually began to apprentice to pierce. At 18 she bought the studio from Carl and rebranded it Fyre Body Arts. In 2005, after owning it for 2 years, Julia brought Fyre up to a more medical standard of studio, making it handicap accessable and OSHA compliant- a few years before that was even a requirement for studios to meet. She spent the next year touring the country learning body piercing and researching jewelry companies. She came back in 2006 and refocused her energies into Fyre, building a larger staff of talented artists. In 2012 we added a second story and redid our entire lobby and first floor, and expanded our parking lot. We added a larger, dedicated sterilization room, a huge open floorplan tattoo space, and a second dedicated private room for piercing or tattooing. In 2015 we purchaced a second location, in Montgomeryville, to expand for our larger staff of artists and piercers. We are so excited about what more changes will be coming in the future!

We are Professionals

Here at Fyre Body Arts we pride ourselves on the highest level of professionalism with all our artists. All our staff maintains current blood borne pathogens and CPR/First Aid certification, and our piercers are all members of the Association of Professional Piercers. This means our piercing staff uses only the top quality implant grade body jewelry for initial piercings, and our physical studio meets industry requirements in sterilization and cleanliness. We are dedicated to continued education and learning, and yearly we attend the educational conference held for all body piercers through the APP. Our tattoo artists are members of the Association of Professional Tattooers and attend most local and tri-state conventions to keep learning from others.

We are Members of the Community

The Fyre Staff is family first, and we view our clients the same way- as an awesome extended family full of the best of friends. As such, we strive to give back to the community we call home. We have regular fundraisers for local charities and families in need, such as the Montgomery County S.P.C.A.,   Pennridge Highschool, and the ALS Foundation. We have also given talks at local highschools and colleges, and worked with local doctors and hospitals to teach them about body piercing and tattoo saftey. We offer military discounts and occassional specials for local school students. We love Perkasie and Montgomery County, and without you, we wouldn't be the studio we are today!

We are Award-Winning

Our staff features a variety of artists who have a number of awards and accolades to their names. We are very proud to offer such a high caliber of staff to you, and our wonderful tattoo artists and piercers are always striving to improve and be better! Here are just some of the awards our staff holds.

Philadelphia Tattoo Festival
Best Large Black and Grey - 1st
Best X-Large Black & Grey - 2nd

Ink The Valley Wilkesbarre, PA
Best Portrait - 1st 

Tattoo Society of New York:
 Best Color Piece - 1st
 Best Overall Female - 1st
 Best Chest Piece - 1st

PowWow in the Poconos, PA:
 Best Sleeve - 1st
 Best Sleeve - 2nd
 Most Unique - 1st
 Best Black & Grey - 1st

North Coast Images - Cleveland, OH:
 Best Back Piece - 1st
 Best Black & Grey - 1st

Tattoo Expo - Pittsburgh, PA:
 Best Cover-up - 1st

Tattoo Rendezvous - Kansas City, MO:
 Most Realistic - 1st

Rhode Island Tattoo Show:
 Most Realistic - 1st

Am Jam - New York:
 Best Portrait - 1st

Mad Hatters Tea Party - Maine:
 Best Portrait - 2nd

New Orleans Tattoo Expo:
 Most Realistic Color - 1st

Associoation of Professional Piercers

Al D. Scholarship Award Winner

Recognized for teaching courses at the yearly conference

Famous Clients

Pat Croce- former owner of the 76ers

Jeff Hardy- former flyers player

Amanda Rachele- actress from Netflix's House of Cards

Bryce Wetherby- Miss Rodeo PA 2015

















We have specific age requirements for certain piercings and tattoos. If a minor is interested in getting work done at our studio we recommend coming in with the proper identification and talking to one of our educated staff. We will discuss with the parent and minor our policies and how they apply. Ultimately, we are here to guide our clients into making wise decisions. NO ONE BUT A PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN CAN SIGN FOR A MINOR. THEY ARE THE ONLY ADULT THAT, BY PENNSYLVANIA STATE LAW, CAN MAKE A DECISION FOR A MINOR THAT WILL CHANGE HIS OR HER BODY. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Minor Age Requirements

You MUST be 18 to be tattooed/pierced without a parent or legal guardian, If you are a minor you MUST come prepared with the right identification and you must meet the age requirements listed below. 

As of August 2010 our age restrictions have changed. We are always in compliance with our insurance company and abiding by their standards is the only way we can keep our prices affordable.


We CANNOT tattoo any minor under the age of 16. Some of our tattoo artists choose not to tattoo minors even if they are 16 years of age and have parents permission. The tattoo idea and body part will determine whether or not they feel the tattoo is a sutiable commitment for a minor to make. We WILL NOT tattoo a minors hands/neck/or face.


  • Earlobes- We will pierce children of all ages for lobes
  • Ear Cartilage- We cannot pierce any minor under the age of 12 
  • Inner Ear Piercings- We cannot pierce any minor under the age of 14
  • Nose, Lip, and Eyebrow- We cannot pierce any minor under the age of 14
  • Navel- We cannot pierce any minor under the age of 15
  • Tongue- We cannot pierce any minor under the age of 16
  • Industrial, Conch, Orbital- We cannot pierce any minor under the age of 16
  • Surface Anchors and Surface Bars- YOU MUST BE 18, NO EXCEPTIONS





  1. Leave the bandage on until you get to a place where you can clean your tattoo safely (like home.)

  2. Wash your tattoo 3 to 5 times a day with ANTIMICROBIAL soap. Use warm water with the soap and cool water to rinse your tattoo. IMPORTANT: BE SURE TO WASH YOUR HANDS BEFORE AND AFTER CARING FOR YOUR TATTOO! Make sure skin is completely clean (it should feel like normal skin, not slimy.)

  3. When in the shower, wash your hair and body first and your tattoo very last.

  4. Use a clean paper towel and gently pat your tattoo dry.

  5. Apply a thin layer of plain white lotion (Eucerin or Lubriderm) There should barely be a shine to your skin. If there is excess lotion, remove it with clean paper towel.

  6. Within 4 to 7 days your tattoo will begin to peel similar to a sunburn. DO NOT HELP IT TO PEEL IN ANY WAY OR FORM!

  7. After the tattoo is done peeling, apply a non-scented hand lotion as often as possible. Up to 7 times a day. THE MORE, THE BETTER! If any scabs form, don’t pick at them! Continue using the ointment on the scabs and put lotion on the peeled portions. If you pick them you will lose detail, color and you may increase your chance of scarring. Further more, if you pick at your tattoo, you could be charged a touch up fee.


DO NOT : PICK AT YOUR TATTOO, SUBMERGE YOUR TATTOO IN WATER I.E., SWIMMING POOLS, OCEANS, LAKES, RIVERS, HOTTUBS OR BATHTUBS. DO NOT EXPOSE YOUR TATTOO TO THE SUN OR TANNING BED ( allow two to three weeks for tanning and either cover your tattoo or use an SPF 30 or higher sunscreen. The sun and tanning are your tattoo’s worst enemy. )



Piercing Aftercare

DO NOT: Poke, prod, pick, scratch, tug, lick, squeeze, pull, itch, flick, twist, peel, ignite, yank, chew, wiggle, rub, submerge in hot lava, squash, molest, drown, asphyxiate, or otherwise murder your piercing.

Never handle your piercing with unclean hands. You do not need to move the jewelry at all. The tissue is very delicate on the inside and can be damaged easily. Soaking your piercing in a saline solution 2 to 3 times a day for 5 to 10 minutes is pertinent to your piercing healing quickly and efficiently. You can purchase a pre-made solution, H2Ocean, which we carry here, or a Sterile Saline Wound Wash with no additives from any drug store locally. Just spraying your piercing is not enough, we recommend either spraying it into a cup to soak or saturating a piece of non-woven gauze and placing that around your piercing. If your piercing is going to be exposed to more bacteria on average, you should use an ANTIMICROBIAL solution (Castile Soap, Naked Soap, Provon) once daily. As your piercing heals reduce your soap cleanings and only use saline. It is also important that you be healthy while your piercing is healing. This includes your eating habits, stress levels and sleep patterns.

What to Expect While Your Piercing is Healing:

Everyone’s body reacts differently. The following things are normal scenarios that you may encounter (So don’t worry): bruising, bleeding (but not profusely), oozing (clear yellowish), swelling, redness, some flaking, crusting, and tenderness.

You are going to find dried matter stuck to your jewelry and piercing. Do not pick this material off with your nail/qtip, leave it be. This material works as a scab to protect your piercing while the fresh tissue heals on the inside. When you soak/spray your piercing it is ok to remove matter that comes off EASILY. If it takes a hammer and chisel to remove the dried matter, you are better off letting it be.

If you come across any of the following situations, call us or stop in immediately (do not remove your jewelry, I don’t care what anyone says): green/bluish pus, excessive redness or peeling, heavy bleeding, raised tissue on or around your piercing, discomfort.


Avoid exposing your piercing to unneeded products like perfumes, deodorants, bar soaps, make-ups and dyes. Towels harbor bacteria and can sometimes get caught on jewelry, so it would be better to dry your piercing with a clean tissue.

For all piercings, try to protect it from any pet hair. Stay away from wearing heavy jewelry and rough play while you’re healing. Showering instead of bathing is better because your bathtub harbors bacteria as do other bodies of water (pools, Jacuzzis, lakes, oceans, etc.) Please ask your piercer to elaborate.

Products Not to Use On Your Piercing… EVER:

Peroxide, Alcohol, Neosporin, Ear Care Solution, Dial, Soft Soap, any Bar Soap, Contact Solution, Bactine, Iodine, Phisoderm, Hibiclens, Betadine, Bacitracin, Collodial silver or any other products that are not recommended on this care sheet. If you have questions about any other products that you have heard to use, please ask us and we will let you know whether or not they are safe to use.

If for some reason you react to any product we suggested, please let us know as soon as possible because there are remedies and alternatives.

Navel/Nipples: Never wear tight clothing directly over your piercing. If it is unavoidable, use a hard eye patch to prevent your piercing from absorbing the impact. Please avoid swimming pools, hot tubs, and ocean water for a total of 4 months unless you protect your piercing with a Tegaderm patch. Protect your piercing in bodies of water (not your shower) until it is fully healed. Avoid soap getting in your piercing in the shower. For nipple piercings, avoid push-up bras and overly tight sports bras for the duration of healing.

Cartilage (Ear and Nose): Avoid exposing your piercing to make-ups, hair products, and face cleansers. Try to keep your hair away from your piercing and change your pillowcase two times a week. Wipe the phone receiver, or use your other ear when talking on the phone. As we mentioned before, do not remove your jewelry, touch it, or move it. Avoid wearing headphones near your piercing for the duration of healing.

Genital: Hygienic sexual activity is advised. We suggest using condoms that do not contain nonoxyl 9. Wear breathable clothing and try to protect your piercing from oral contact and other body fluids until fully healed. Resume sexual activity as long as it is comfortable. Protect your piercing from oral contact by using dental dams. 

Surface piercings: Do not attempt to lift, or protrude the bar that is underneath your skin at all. Sterile Saline soaks are the most effective way to care for a surface piercing. You can pick up a can of wound wash through us, or at your local pharmacy. Soak 2 times a day for at least 5 minutes. To soak, saturate a clean piece of non-woven gauze and lay it over your piercing. If you are exposed to more bacteria on average (hospital, childcare, pets, barns, construction, etc.) you may want to incorporate a mild antimicrobial soap into your routine. You should only do this in the shower. Lather the soap gently around the piercing area, do not aggressively try to get soap in the piercing, you goal is to clean the surface of it and it's surroundings. Rinse thoroughly.

Surface Anchors: Do not try to move or twist your jewelry at all. Keep your hands away from your anchor at all times. Anchors are a single point piercing, this means that however things get into your piercing, is the same way they come out. There is no opposite end of the piercing in order to create a drain effect (think of a cave). For the first 2 weeks it would be best to keep your anchor completely dry. If your piercing gets wet or touched immediately follow these steps: wash with mild antimicrobial soap, saline soak, then dry completely. You should use a cup or waterproof bandage in the shower if possible. Only bandage your piercing when you feel you might catch it (strenuous activities, restless sleep etc.) If you are exposed to more bacteria on average (hospital, childcare, pets, barns, construction, etc.,) you may want to incorporate a mild antimicrobial soap into your routine. Lather the soap gently around the piercing area, do not aggressively try to get soap in the piercing, you goal is to clean the surface of it and its surroundings. Rinse thoroughly. Otherwise, for the length of the healing and anytime your anchor needs attention, do your saline soaks twice a day for at least five minutes.


There are no stupid questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us anything. We do this for a living, and we are filled with more information than you will ever need, so give us a chance to use it. If your piercing is not healing correctly potentially because of the size/style of your jewelry DO NOT change it yourself; your piercer can change it for you safely. If you come across anything later on that you are not sure of, please call us. There are situations we can do our best to remedy or prevent; we just need to know as soon as a suspicion occurs. Otherwise Consult Your Physician

Ear Stretching

Stretching piercings, earlobes in particular, has been a popular modification for centuries, but particularly in recent times it has taken off! This guide is here to help you with stretching safely and properly. Most of these instructions and timeframes will apply to earlobes, other piercings may take a bit longer or require different advice. This information comes from years of experience in stretching, gathered both by our staff and the piercing community at large!

Stretching a piercing, sometimes called “gauging”, is the process of slowly enlarging the channel of the piercing to accommodate larger jewelry. People stretch everything from earlobes, to lips, to navels! As long as you go slowly, and practice safe stretching, most piercings can be enlarged in this manner. It's important to pay attention to your body, as the stretching process is often unnecessary traumatic for some. Listen to yourself, go slow, and treat your ears (or whichever!) well, and you will have happy, healthy, stretched piercings in no time! The first thing is the jewelry you wear. Quality jewelry is very important for stretched piercings, and for allowing for a smoother and healthier stretching journey! ASTM F136 titanium, ASTM F138 steel, glass, and a few select stones are safe to wear in a fresh stretch. When we say fresh stretch we mean the first month after going up a size. The reason being is that even with perfect stretching methods occasionally very very small microtears can still form, and we want to make sure we are wearing a non-porous material that won't prevent the healing of these small wounds. Once a stretch is 'healed' you can start wearing a larger variety of stone, wood, bone, horn, and implant grade silicone. Never acrylic, which is always harmful no matter what piercing you are wearing it in. All jewelry for fresh stretches should be single flare, never stretch with double flare jewelry!

The second thing is your timeframe between stretches. 6-12 weeks is the minimum time you want to wait between sizes, but you may find that occasionally your ears need even more time. 3 months allows the collagen, which makes our skin elastic, time to regenerate and rebuild from your first stretch. This helps keep your ear nice and stretchy and prevents scar tissue. The important thing is to listen to your body. If there is any pain, discomfort, or bleeding, it is too soon! Take your time and wait before trying to size up again. Natural stretching is all you need. After those 6-12 weeks, your next 1mm size plug should side right in with no resistance or pain. The piercing naturally loosens up over time, and the next size slips right in. No tapers, no tape, just your body being pretty amazing, and doing it's own thing!

There are of course things we can do to help this process out, the biggest being regular massage. When your piercing is relaxed enough from a recent stretch to remove jewelry for a few minutes at a time, it's beneficial to do exactly that, and give your ears a short massage. The warmth and pressure from your hands encourages blood flow to the area which helps the healing process, and also regrowing the fibrous tissue which keeps your ear elastic. Most clients prefer to massage their lobes with a product, both for general health and to make the process more comfortable. Holey Buttr is a great product for this, and a small tin lasts forever! It's packed with essential oils to help with skin health, and has been a popular product in this industry for years. Jojoba oil is also a great product, as it has the secondary use of being awesome for maintaining your wood jewelry (wood plugs and tunnels should be oiled every 1-3 months lightly with a dry cloth. Jojoba oil is the best oil for this.) Vitamin E, coconut oil, and other natural oils are also alright, but avoid anything you may be allergic to, or anything that is clogging your pores. Less is more, and it's the physical act of massaging, not the oil, that is the most beneficial part of a massage.

Don't be afraid to spend some time without jewelry as well. We know it's intimidating, because you worry about your ears shrinking, but it's quite healthy for them! Spending time without jewelry in allows more bloodflow to enter the lobes and gives them a chance to relax. Working towards sleeping with no jewelry in is a great goal, and will help keep your ears very healthy. Once you've reached your desired size, sleeping with no jewelry will help keep your lobes tight, so you don't need to worry about plugs falling out during the day. You can 'train' your ears to be naked and not shrink, by slowly allowing them to go with no jewelry for longer and longer stretches of time. Start with a hour or two, and work your way up to full nights with no jewelry.

A common mistake is the use of tapers to stretch. Tapers are not tools for stretching, rather they were designed to assist piercers in inserting jewelry. You should not need as taper to stretch with. Most tapers available on the market to clients have a very sharp transition between sizes, leading to tearing, blowouts, and scar tissue. Tapers should also never be worn as jewelry, as the weight from them often causes thin spots along the lobe. Those thin spots can later cause ears to quite easily tear.

Another misconception is the use of tape. Some sources recommend wrapping layers of tape around a plug to slowly increase size. This is not only unnecessary, but dangerous. There is no documentation of any tape safe to be worn inside the human body, and often tape can collect dead skin and oils, and generally get rather gross.

Overall the best possible thing for stretching your ears is time! Don't be afraid to take your time, wait at certain sizes, and just enjoy the process! Stretching any piercing is about the journey, not the destination. Stretching has been around longer than you may realize- since very early recorded human history in fact. The meaning behind it will have you appreciating your ears in no time. Taking your time with stretching and listening to your body is only what's healthy for your body, it's respecting your body. Each stretch is a right of passage into a new stage of our life or being able to appreciate a bigger awareness. Gaining knowledge by opening your ears and closing your mouth is how some tribal cultures viewed stretching your ears or other piercings. The wisest person had the largest and healthiest ears. Stretching too quickly will harm your ears and show you are impatient and uneducated- unwilling to take your time and appreciate the journey. Going slowly, and learning patience and respect for your body is an important tenant of stretching, and shows your wisdom and respect for not only the path stretching will take you down, but the other paths you will walk in life.

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